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Technical rider


1. Sound system
A professional system, capable to deliver sufficient sound pressure depending on the size of the room: 400-1000 persons 2 x 5kW, 1000-2000 2 x 8 kW, outdoor on specification. The sound system must be placed on the floor or in side wings, NEVER on the stage!

2. FOH
Yamaha M7CL-48. Or a professional FOH desk, minimum 32/8/2 (Midas,Yamaha, Amek TAC ); minimum 2 sweeps and 2 shelving EQ per channel. Phantom power must be obtainable on each channel. Inserts on all channels and subgroups. Parametric or 1/3 octave EQ's on main outputs. 3 digital effects (TC Electronics, Lexicon, Yamaha, Sony, Dynacord); one digital delay. 6 compressors / limiters, 6 noise gates (Focusrite, Drawner, BSS, Klark Technik, DBX).

3. Monitor System
Boston Tea Party will provide in their own monitoring system. Required: Multi LK (Ampco norm) or XLR spinned out.
If Boston Tea Party does not use their own monitor system: Yamaha M7CL (or a professional monitor desk, minimum 24/10, minimum 2 sweeps and 2 shelving EQ. Per channel: minimum 4 band parametric EQ's or 1/3 octave graphic EQ's on all outputs). 10 high quality wedges, 12"/2" powered by 10 x 500W (minimum) amps. 3 professional in ear monitor systems (Sennheiser, Shure).

4. Microphones
See channel list.

5. Basic lighting system
Back truss 9m. Backdrops (black) covering the entire backside of the stage. On truss on the back of the stage: 4x four-bar PAR64/1kW (black); 8x MAC250; 8x PAR64/ACL (black); 2 DWE four blind each 2,5kW. Front light: 2x four-bar PAR64/1kW of 2x 2kW. Lighting desk Avolites Pearl 2004. Dimmers 24x2kW. Smoke generator controlled from desk.

6. Stage plan
See stage plan

7. NO
Peavey, Mitec, Zeck, Stage Line, Custom, Etc. !!!

8. Personnel
At least one experienced technician, familiar with the provided light and sound system.

9. Intercom System
One Channel intercom between F.O.H. and monitor mixing console.

When items are not available please contact Boston Tea Party T +31 877 - 89 84 89


Drum raiser
Drum raiser: (200 x 200 x 40 cm)

Wireless systems
BTP will use there own MK2-R2 wireless system ( UHF -serie). Frequencies between 800-830 Mhz.
Inear system Sennheiser EW300IEM. Frequencies between 838-862 Mhz.

Min. 5 x 8 meters, better: 6 x 10 meters, (abs. min. 4 x 6).
Keep clear 80 centimeters at the rear and left and right of the stage for light stands and PA.
Maximum distance of 6 meter from backside of the drumriser to the front of the stage (minimum 4 meters).



bass amp

  guitar amp  






on riser:









  horn players  

3 singers
(ear 1 2 3)















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